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Free Interactive Resources

Free to use for Primary Schools within the UK, Centaur is happy to offer educational resources that can be used on interactive whiteboards and desktop computers to help in the classroom.

Number Triangle


Number triangle screenshot

The number triangle is a simple addition / subtraction game that allows you to generate three numbers within a range.

You can show/hide any of the numbers by clicking on the circles, and show/hide the number operators by clicking on the 'Show Operators' button.

Multiplication Triangle


Multiplication triangle screenshot

The multiplication triangle works in the same way as the number triangle, but the operators and multiplaction and division.

The two bottom numbers will be within the range of the values that you specify, so the multiple will likely be larger than your range.

Number Tower


Number Tower screenshot

The number tower is a game to aid in teaching negative numbers.

To begin, you set the range of the number of 'floors' and 'basements' that are in the tower. When you begin, you can drag the lift in the tower up or down with the mouse, use the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard, or use the lift controls on the screen.

The lift control can be toggled between plus and minus by clicking on the operator box, and then a number entered for the amount of floors that you want to move the lift by.

Maths Vocab Game


Maths Vocab Game screenshot

The maths vocab game is a simple drag-and-drop exercise to aid in teaching matematical vocabulary.

When you start the game, select the operators that you wish to teach (all are delected by default), and then drag the points to the respective symbol.

The vocabulary used is random and based on the operators and the year group you have selected.


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