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Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards are an ideal way to provide presentations, and centralise a focus for target audiences.

Centaur can supply interactive whiteboards from a number of suppliers including Smart, Promethien and Hitachi.

By providing alterative manufacturers, we provide options to meet your exact needs.

Data Projectors

A crucial tool to any whiteboard, data projectors are needed to project the computer display onto most whiteboards.

Data projectors are also useful to use seperately, and are especilly powerful when used in conjuction with our Wireless Tablets.

Centaur Systems only provides projectors from proven reputable manufactuters.

Wireless Tablets

Allowing extra versatility in the classroom, wireless tablets allow lecturors and teachers to use projectors while controlling the computer wire-free.

Building on the technology of the 'art pad', wireless tablets return to the classic pen and slate approach to PC input, allowing the user an intuitive and simple method of controlling thier computer while presenting.

Windows® XP Service Pack 2 required.


Installation of Interactive Whiteboards and Data Projectors can be provided by Centaur's electrical engineers. Any purchase of combination whiteboards and projectors will be installed at cost, and clearly marked on any quotation. For more information, or to arrange for one of our sales team to visit your site, please contact us.

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